Spring is Here! Organize Your Home in 5 Steps

5 steps to organize in SpringSpring Cleaning

The nice weather will soon be here and everyone is looking forward to getting outside again. Warmer temperatures for you might be getting back to your garden, pulling out the bicycles or firing up the BBQ. But when you look around your home, you realize there is so much to do… you need to organize! There are snow boots and salty mats all over the house… Where to start?

These 5 simple steps will help you get outside sooner so you can enjoy the weather!

  1. Get a calendar– mark one day per week to achieve one of your goals. A small task (baby steps) for 20 minutes is enough. Try setting a timer and ignore all distractions.
  2. Create zones or areas to work. It doesn’t need to be a whole room. One day it could be your night stand drawer. The next time you organize the entrance closet.
  3. Have a garbage bag handy for tossing unwanted items. A box for items you don’t need anymore and can be donated to charity. Create space or a table for your belongings until you put them back to their proper place in your closet or drawer…
  4. Being positive and focused will help you conquer your space challenges. Take a picture before you start the project and with the finished project. You will find the results to be gratifying!
  5. Celebrate! Not only will you feel good about your accomplishment but you will be making much better use of your space.

This summer you will be able to sit out on your deck or in your garden with a drink in your hand and not have to worry about clutter.

And if you need help please consider contacting a Professional Organizer! You don’t need to do this on your own!

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