Organizing Services


We can help you with your space organization project. You can make better use of your home and/or office and feel good about accomplishing something you’ve been dreading.

All your time is used up on your hectic daily schedule so you never get around to those big projects. We can help you with some of those projects.

Clutter-free space makes life simpler and adds to the aesthetics of your home and/or office. We can also show you how to control the clutter so it doesn’t take over your space again. You are not alone.


  • Basements space saving
  • Bed and bath solutions
  • Closet rearrangement
  • Collections (books, cds, tools)
  • Garage decluttering
  • Kids rooms ideas
  • Kitchen organization
  • Laundry clutter free
  • Mud rooms innovative storage
  • Pantries under control
  • Rec. room repurpose


  • Moving assistance
  • Downsizing
  • Retirement
  • Marriage
  • New baby
  • Start/Graduating school


  • Family Command Centre
  • Eco Organizer
  • Stress Free Holidays
  • Busy Mom’s Guide to an Organized Life
  • Organize Your Purse, Organize Your Life
  • Your Next Move

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  • We start we a free 10 minute phone consultation
  • Assessment: On-site visit and creation of a project plan
  • Implementation of the system created
  • At the end: start embracing the accomplished !

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