Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Do you provide services in my city?

A- We work in Winnipeg and surrounding cities. For cities farther than 45 minutes, travel time is charged.

Q- Can you give me an estimate?

A- Yes. You will receive an estimate after we meet and see the space that we will be working.  In order to provide an accurate estimate, we’d need to see the physical area, instead of based on information provided on the phone or by email. Pictures are useful to have a starter conversation but in order to define the hours we have to be present on site. That will be an estimate, it is considered as a guideline, hours may vary once we start working and dig in boxes or spaces. factors may vary depending on your ability and timing to make decisions. We are there for you and we will help you to make that happen.

Q- Do you have a minimum hours to work?

A- Yes. The minimum hours is three. Less than three hours will not be enough time for us to meet our goal.

Q- As soon as you enter my house, can you start organizing?

A- We will meet you after our 10 minutes free phone call conversation. On that meeting we will assess your needs and create a plan of action, gathering all the details we need to create the best outcome project exactly how you want it. We will agree on a starting date for the organizing of your home.

Q- Do you come by yourself?

A- It all depends on the time frame you have and your budget. We are a team and we adjust to your needs.

Q- How do I pay you?

A- We accept: credit cards, cash and electronic transfers.

Q- What happens if I don’t like the final results?

A- Everything is planned and discussed together. We will make sure that you are happy and have your new organized home ready to be enjoyed!

Q- Can you help me with my move?

A- We can help you with the decluttering and organizing boxes and packing of your belongings before the move. Then a moving company has to be hired by you to move the boxes to your new residence. We can wait for the movers in your new home and do the unpacking and organizing there.

Q- Can you come to organize my parents or other relatives’ home?

A- We can definitely help any of your relatives as long as they are aware of the situation and willing to accept our services. If they are not going to be there and you will be in charge, that has to be discussed between you and them.

Q- What happens if after a few weeks the order in my house isn’t the same?

A- Each person is unique, and organizing is a training process. We will give you tools to be more organized. In case your organization needs improvement, we provide a maintaining service, where we can visit you as needed and help you maintain the style that was initially designed.

Q- I am very motivated to start organizing, can you teach me and I do the decluttering by myself?

A- Of course! We are your coach for the order! 🙂 We will provide you with the material and tips to create your desired space by yourself.

Q- When are the most needed time(s) to get organized?

A- There are different times in life that we need to adjust to a change and those moments can be: a move, a new baby, a relative moving to live with you, relocating, a young adult, son/daughter moving back to their parents home and/or the loss of a dear one, etc.


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